Through Casino Jeux Locating Casino en France is Not Difficult

Subsequent to the approval of the latest French regulation, a good number of popular online casino sites have closed their doors for French players. The latest French law only takes account of online operators, who offer games like paris sport, horse racing and poker. The popular online casino games, such as crap, blackjack, slots, roulette as well as video poker failed to find a place in the new law. Casino striving to attain authorization from ARJEL completely refused to receive French players. Therefore, the options for French players are very limited, when it comes to online casino sites.

From November onwards, even internationally acclaimed online casinos, particularly those operated by distinguished gaming software turned down French players, who are a resident of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and France. So, currently, French players tend to have very few options. There are still some accredited online casino parlors, which gladly greets French players, all throughout the years. Nearly all of these casinos are officially allowed within Europe, since they have attained sanction from the government of United Kingdom, Malta or Gibraltar. Casino Jeux offers all French players a list of best online casinos, where they will be allowed to play their preferred games, without any kind of worries. You will find the entire list on their casino en France page.

At present, there are more or less thirty online casinos, which have been given license by ARJEL. If you want to get acquainted with the names of all these casinos, then you need to visit the casino en ligne agrées en france segment of Casino Jeux. This segment will give you a clear idea what exactly the new French law states and what are the criterions that an online site has to abide by, in order to attain authorization.